November 14, 2018 short one

Things are going along a bit better than expected at the moment at home, I think because we are both trying to just be good to each other. We are separated, but still living together. It sounds complicated but it really isn’t. We’re roommates with a child basically. There’s definitely an air of sadness at times but it could be much worse.

On a side note, I am training myself to say “oh wow” in place of “oh fuck”, hoping Child will follow suit.

I am on a Great British Bake Off marathon, I really really love this show. Everyone is so pleasant.

This sucks.

I will start this off by saying that I feel like the things I am about to say are very personal and should not be expressed via some shit blog. Sometimes I have to speak from the heart, or lack thereof, instead of the brain. I am sorry to those of you that might feel hurt that I haven’t spoken to you personally. I want to get it out but I don’t want to talk. Continue reading

Halloween night, 2018

Child is small so we stayed home instead of trick or treating. He was a very good helper for handing out candy, as he is good at following instructions like, “close the door.” I gave him a sucker after he ate dinner, so now our entire existence is sticky. *note to self- suckers make the best and worst lint rollers depending on your viewpoint* He only got it suck in his hair once, I call that a success considering his long hair…the plumber has nicknamed him Hair Farm. I have eaten a dozen mini candy bars and would like to stop, but Child keeps handing them to me to open for him. I don’t want him to have too much sugar so I eat 3/4 of it and give him 1/4.

We watched Little Monsters, I fucking hate it… and are now watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, which, to Child, has the entertainment value of a cauliflower.

I must end this post, the sugar has gotten to Child and he needs a factory reset.

Halloween, 2018

Average morning to all! I felt like Dave Matthews Band for the drive to work today, so I guess you could say I’m getting into the Halloween spirit.

The weather is getting cold and I don’t have anything interesting to say. I feel like this week is going by incredibly slow, and all I feel like doing is staying home with soup and blankets and Child. Possibly cookies. There are a couple recipes I’ve been wanting to try, the first being a mushroom brie soup (if i can find porcini mushrooms anywhere) and next would be dark chocolate chip ginger cookies. I might post pictures if I can figure out how.

Thinking about changing the look of the blog. I will keep the mascot. Yep, here I go. It will be a disaster for some time.

October 28/29/30, 2018

Sunday- Not much to report today, I put on a new sweater, then went out and bought an excessive amount of groceries and ate some Halloween candy…sweet tarts. I love sweet tarts. It’s kinda been a Halloween themed movie day, we watched Hocus Pocus, Edward Scissorhands, and now Young Frankenstein. I don’t believe Child is feeling very well, he’s been either very mad or very hyper. He is napping at the moment. I keep trying to reposition him so I have a free arm to write, but he is not going for it. Continue reading

October 26, 2018 Child’s day and Forensic Files

Child was making faces at me through an empty bear-shaped animal crackers container that was sitting on the end table… then he pushed it to the floor like a common house cat.

More Forensic Files tonight, it’s reminding me that I should keep all my windows locked. These are all insane, I love how people get caught. This one guy basically got caught because the woman he murdered had glitter dumped on her at a party beforehand. Continue reading